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If you have been dreaming of ways to get out on the front lines and make a big impact for our Lord, Jesus Christ, then these opportunities are for you.   You can make a difference!

Share your Time, Talent and Treasures

How? Let us count the ways:
  • Join or organize your own mission trip.
  • Become a financial partner to our general mission.
    Please consider becoming a Transformation Team Member by contributing $50/month to God’s work in Belarus.
  • Check out our Urgent Prayer Request page.
    A single can of baby formula is a significant donation! Go to our Urgent Request Page to learn more about the current needs of each area of our ministry.
  • Share your time or a specific talent or skill.
    Whether you have extensive experience in construction, education or healthcare – or simply have time to give – we value your gifts and can use your support. Please fill out our application form down at the bottom and we will get back to you soon!
  • Join a Fundraising Banquet in Atlanta, GA once a year.
  • Church Mission Pastor/Leader
    Dear Church Missions Leader,
    Missions Ministries wants to help you fulfill your church’s mission’s objectives. We know that vision, congregational engagement, and the motivation that comes from actual experience on the mission field are important elements in a successful missions program.We want to help churches introduce the maximum number of people within their congregations to world missions. We hope to help you accomplish those objectives by providing the following strategic services:
    • First, we provide a short term ministry opportunity that is realistic in terms of time for the average church member. The average mission is 8-12 days including travel.  Usually one of those days is either Saturday or Sunday.
    • Second, the mission provides maximum results and life impact in a minimum amount of time.
    • We find that returning members of the mission’s teams often return with the enthusiasm and vision to energize and transform a church missions program. We hope we can help you meet your mission’s objectives. It is our desire to serve you and together, “go into all the world… and make disciples.”


 Join us on a short term mission trip to Belarus or Israel in 2017!
  •    April 1 — 9                               Belarus
  •    April 26 — May 9                     Belarus
  •    June 23 —  July 4                    Belarus
  •    June 30 —  July 10                  Belarus
  •    September 13–22                    Belarus
  •    September 24 — Oct 6           Israel


WHO:   Anyone over 16.  Otherwise travel with a parent or legal guardian.


We will contact you as soon as possible to interview you.