Orphan Adoption





It has been estimated by the Belarus government that 90% of children growing up in institutionalized social milieu will become institutionalized by adulthood either in prison or mental facilities. Consequently, their children will then have to be institutionalized, creating a never-ending cycle.







What we are doing is placing orphans with Christian families to host them every weekend. This allows the children to be exposed to a family lifestyle and, even more importantly, to be brought to church on Sunday. You may ask why there are so many orphans in Belarus, and the main reason is alcoholism and drug addiction. These are rampant in the society and are merely one of the symptoms of the spiritual hunger and thirst that our mission is attempting to satisfy.







However, for the many thousands of children that have had to be removed from abusive and dangerous family situations, this ministry focuses on saving them. The families that are identified and established as host families are themselves many times on the very brink of economic disaster, and it is impossible to ask them to take on the financial burden of another child without financial assistance.






We have an ongoing mission in the U.S. to gain assistance for this program by financial means but volunteerism is a necessary part of the mission, also. Children that have not been placed, yet, need to be encouraged and reached out to. In many cases, families that are hosting children fall in love with them and decide to formally adopt them. They then take on the full financial responsibilty and release resources that another child can use.





In other cases, the child of a parent that has been institutionalized, through the ministry of the churches we have started, reforms and, through the ministry of the churches we have started, becomes capable of parenting their children, again. We can work with the parent and the government to reunite them. Please pray for this ministry and consider supporting us with $50 a month in financial assistance.