Advisory Board

Gary P. Rowe
Business Consultant

Micah Lindler
Director of Photography for Video

Wesley & Bernadine Cantrell
Former CEO/ Lanier Corporation

Lawrence D. Malizzi, PG
Vice President Matrix New World Engineering, Inc.

John & Joe McDonald
Executive Conference Moderator

Phill Bettis
Law Group, LLC

Manny Rodriguez
Vise President Sales Georgis-Pacific Corporation

Dennis & Lisa Kozakoff Jr.
Vise President/ USDigiComm Corporation

H. Richard Jr. & Sharon Lee

Chuck & Emilie Sykes
MD Doctor

Bob Josey
Messaih for Israel Ministries

Hugh Exnicios/ Legal Center
Attorney at Law, LA

Ray & Brenda Bedinfield
Insurance/ IBO

Joel Bradberry
Pastor/ Harvest Christian Fellowship

David Walker
President Zip Products, Inc.

Rev. Lee Weeks
Pastor/ Foothills BC

Rev. Jack & Shirley Smith

Dr. Roy & Gail Holland
MD Doctor

Lana Damsky
Graphic Desighner

Mark and Cathy Wilson
NAMB Missionaries

Bradford Gibson
Medical Doctor

Keith Allen
RKS Green Consulting Group

Maxim Volkov
Emory University Software Team Manager

Dr. Shelby Cooper
Medical Doctor

Larry Crawford